Thursday, April 16, 2015

Pre-order on Apple Watch issued more than 2.3 million people, the most popular model Sport

April 10 in nine countries around the world have opened pre-orders for Apple Watch. Just how successful design goes bids for the purchase of "smart" watches, Apple will tell later. But now analysts acquaint users with their calculations on this occasion.

The company estimates KGI Securities, which is rarely wrong in their forecasts, by the end of May 2015 orders for smart watch Apple Watch has exceeded 2.3 million. Previously, we recall, it was reported that in the US for the first day has been issued about a million pre-orders a novelty.
As expected, the most popular is the most affordable model of watch. According to preliminary estimates, at the time of sale were as follows: 85% of consumers expressed a preference for the model Apple Watch Sport, about 15% - the "classic" version of Apple Watch stainless steel and high-priced Apple Watch Edition chose less than 1% of users. It is noted that Apple plans to release 2-3 million per month gadgets with a possible increase in the volume of production closer to the beginning of the winter season.
Estimated Slice Analysis, the leader in popularity among watch straps was black Black Sport Band (49%), followed by white White Sport Band (16%). In third place is more expensive bracelet Milanese Loop (10%).
According to KGI Securities, the company is currently experiencing difficulties with the supply of two components for Apple Watch. We are talking about linear movements of the AAC, providing tactile feedback, and AMOLED-display from LG Display, in which were found problems with color and life.
Experts expect that in the end of June orders for the novelty come close to the mark of 4.8 million copies, and set the pace of production will fully meet the demand for Apple Watch. As a result, almost all devices will be delivered to customers before the start of July.
In 2015, Apple put on the market from 15 to 20 million Apple Watch, analysts predict.