Thursday, April 23, 2015

MESSENGER LINE presented a collection audiostickers voiced by Paul McCartney

Company LINE, developer of the eponymous service for free calls and messaging, today announced the launch of the first set of audio LINE-stickers. Collection "Chat with Paul McCartney" with original voice recordings of the world famous musician is now available for download in the store Sticker Shop.

MESSENGER LINE - a pioneer in the use of stickers. The company has made cartoon animation pictures in one of the most popular formats of communication. Moreover, on-line site LINE Creators Market every user can upload and offer for sale their own stickers. In LINE assured that thanks to them stickers are an integral part and many other applications.
With a new and unusual format, users can send chat pictures of celebrities and famous characters with voice mail, as well as publish them on your personal page to LINE. Sound stickers with popular phrases funny characters or comedians add dynamics correspondence.Sound images allow thoughts and emotions that are difficult to express directly, for example, an apology.
Set of stickers "Chat with Paul McCartney" for LINE available worldwide. Pictures are realistic image of the famous musician with sound recordings of various phrases sounded in his voice. In the set there are necessary for communication stickers like "thank you!" And "well done". Paul McCartney was very pleased with the final result, calling the collection of "fun" and noting that "These sound stickers - are the best!".
Download LINE for iOS, you can follow this link , for Mac and PC - here .