Thursday, April 23, 2015

Apple Watch tomorrow there will be only in six stores

As is known, the expected April 24 start selling Apple Watch in retail stores Apple Store in the "first wave" was postponed. Those wishing to purchase a smart watch can still online pre-order on them, and personally come to the Apple Store and try the device, but will have to wait a novelty at least until June. However, as it became known, wearable computer in the form factor of hours still appear in the "physical" stores.

According to the calculations of The New York Times, smart watches will be available for purchase in boutiques in six major cities - Berlin, Los Angeles, London, Tokyo, Paris and Milan. Retail outlets with Apple Watch are in Tokyo mall Isetan Department Store, in the Paris department store Colette boutique Corner in Berlin Maxfield in Los Angeles, in the Dover Street Market in London, and 10 Corso Como in Milan. At the moment, in these stores, customers can get acquainted with the device and perform the fitting.
As the head of the network Dover Street Market, Apple Watch goes on its stores on April 24th. In Japanese, the boutique will be about 350 copies, and will go to London 570 devices. On sale will only aluminum and steel versions of Apple Watch.
Although formal comments from representatives of Apple has not acted, many experts are inclined to consider the beginning of summer the most realistic period when for "apple" watches will be to go to the Apple Store. Indirect evidence of their innocence can serve as information that some have already booked to date model will be delivered to the buyer until the middle of May, and before someone will reach the coveted gadget altogether by July. In addition, last week with the Apple Store website was removed references to the sales Watch on April 24th. It was replaced by a more vague «The Watch is coming».
All of the above could indicate only one thing: Apple does not calculate the forces and faced a shortage of Apple Watch. However, this is not surprising, since the first day of pre-orders reception in the US alone, there were about a million formalized. And the shortage of new products from Cupertino in itself is not a new phenomenon - something similar happened in his time with the iPhone and iPad.
Meanwhile, resource information iSpazio, referring to an informed source, accepting pre-orders for Apple Watch in the "second wave" will begin on May 8 .