Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Microsoft updated preview version of Office 2016 for Mac and introduced two new apps for the iPhone

Microsoft has released an update to the preliminary version of the new office suite Office 2016 for the Mac. The company also introduced two companion app for iPhone - Office Delve and Office 365 Video.

New Office 2016 for Mac includes updated applications Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote. The program is updated graphical user interface, added features and OS X Yosemite Display Support Retina.
In Office 2016 for Mac is preserved "ribbon" interface, but it has acquired a fresh look. And now the office was like to Office 2013 for Windows. In Microsoft said that sought to create a product with a single style, regardless of platform - Windows, iOS, Android or Mac. In the latest update Word got recording function macros, templates search on the Internet and a new set of tools. Excel has received new data analysis tools and built-in assistant. In Powerpoint bugfixes.
A preliminary version of Office 2016 for Mac came out in March of this year . It contains features that Apple has recently implemented in its platform: support for Retina displays and full screen mode.
In Office 2016 for Mac, the company added support for cloud storage OneDrive, including synchronization of documents on all platforms. This has led to the emergence of the field of recent files in the file open function. That is, for example, if the user was last edit documents in Office on your iPad, and then he opened Office on a Mac, he will see the final version of the file in the list of recent and will be able to continue working on it already on your computer.
Along with the update Office 2016 for Mac came two office companion app for the iPhone.The main idea of Office Delve : users do not need to remember where what information is or who it published. All information is displayed automatically on the basis of "the work and the people with whom cooperation is carried out".
Video Office 365 , in turn, is a video portal for communication and exchange of ideas in organizations. The application allows you to watch video record and upload your own videos to the Web. To access the mobile program requires a license to Office 365 Enterprise, or Academic.