Friday, April 24, 2015

Mozilla released Firefox for iPhone and iPad

In December last year, it was reported intention to create a separate version of Mozilla Firefox for the iPhone and iPad. New job as a senior manager for mobile marketing, software developer and senior product manager in the company indicate that the release of the browser for the iOS platform may take place in the near future.

The American company behind the popular desktop Web browser Firefox, first refused to deal with iOS, but at the end of last year changed its opinion. However, the timing of the release of the application for the "apple" gadget is not installed.
Mozilla interest to iOS associated with a significant loss of market position: according to statistics from Net Applications, Firefox presence on computers less than half the browser Google Chrome, which covers 25% of desktop systems. Yes, and on mobile devices Firefox for Android is presented only slightly (0.7%).
In the past, Mozilla announced that Firefox will not appear on iOS as long as Apple will continue its unfriendly policy in relation to third-party Web browsers. In these conditions, all third-party browsers use component UIWebView to display web pages. At the same time the Apple uses a different, faster, processing engine JavaScript, which is called Nitro.
Apple does not allow third-party developers access to the engine Nitro, but does not allow them to use their own. As a result, according to the standard Safari has a higher speed than any other browsers on the platform, indignant at Mozilla.
Even if Firefox and will be forced to use technology Apple, this does not negate the possibility of cloud sync bookmarks and history, as, indeed, and the other options available to Firefox users on Android. According to reports, Mozilla decided to move on iOS all the basic functionality of the application.