Friday, April 24, 2015

User Guide for Apple Watch is available for download in iBooks

Apple began selling its first wearable devices Apple Watch in USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, China, France and Japan. On Friday, April 24, in these countries the smart watch will get those buyers who had the first issue via the Internet launched April 10 pre-order.

Although reviews Apple Watch receives the most controversial - some users are dissatisfied enough confusing interface - this is the first fundamentally new gadget Apple, which is not to create a hand of Steve Jobs. To enable users to quickly understand the features of new items, the company has prepared an official guide.
Edition Apple Watch User Guide is in the form of e-books for different mobile devices from Apple and is an electronic brochure, there are several hundred pages. They opened all the functions and features of the gadget. The book is intended for novice users who will find it useful information.
Previously, Apple has also produced guides in the form of e-books - in particular, guidance on working with iOS, iPhone and iPad. Design editions pleasing to the eye, and they are remarkably organized, so finding the right information on the operating system is done with great ease.
New tutorial covers all the features of Apple Watch, including technical devices, operating systems and behavior of pre-installed applications. Download the brochure can be free at this link . Management is also available as a web version .