Monday, April 6, 2015

New iPad Pro will get a 12.9-inch display Oxide TFT

LG Display start to invest in expanding production of displays produced by technology Oxide TFT. According to Thg, LG such activity due to the fact that the company expects to become one of the suppliers of displays for the new tablet iPad Pro, which will use this screen.

Currently, LG Display can produce up to 9000 Oxide TFT displays in a month, but due to large-scale investments, the Korean company expects to increase its production by 21,000 displays, bringing them up to 30,000 panels per month. And it will catch up with Korean manufacturer Sharp, which also can produce about 30,000 Oxide TFT screens per month.These two companies are considered to be the most likely suppliers of 12.9-inch panels for the iPad Pro. With the highest preference is still the Japanese manufacturer with extensive experience in the production of such screens.
In addition, among the potential suppliers of Apple called Samsung Display, production capacity which still allows to produce only 20,000 displays Oxide TFT. But by the end of 2015 in Seoul expects to increase production to 60,000 panels per month. It is expected that the first trial batch of display panels for the iPad Pro will be released next month, and their mass production to begin in the III quarter of 2015.
Initiated the creation of a tablet with a larger screen is Apple CEO Tim Cook, who intends to "breathe new life into the line iPad» due to the fact that sales of the devices has been declining for four consecutive quarters. IPad also has to compete with planshetofonami Apple, released last year. In particular, iPhone 6 Plus with 5.5-inch display has become for many users to replace the iPad mini.