Wednesday, April 15, 2015

PC with Apple: the experience of installing Windows 8.1 on the new MacBook

In March, Apple diluted classical line of laptops MacBook Air and MacBook Pro completely new model - MacBook. This is a laptop with a diagonal of 12 inches and Retina-resolution, with a thickness of 13.1 mm body, the thinnest laptop Apple with a passive cooling system and only one port USB-C. Observers Ars Technica went on a desperate experiment - installed on the MacBook operating system Windows 8.1. The fact that they did it, can be found below.

The first impression for the interface version of "Windows". On the new Apple laptop mode BootCamp platform operates exclusively native resolution 2304 x 1440 pixels. At the same interface elements were so small that the reviewers had to install an increase of 150%. The problem with the interface in the ultra-high resolution turned incorrect operation of some applications.
Immediately it was told the problem with the drivers. Refused to work the built-in Bluetooth-module (it is not even in the list of found devices), gesture touchpad for corporate Apple Force Touch not as a class, two-finger scrolling significantly "podglyuchivaet." An attempt to update the driver for the graphics card with built-in Windows Update mechanism has led to problems with the image, resulting in a MacBook had to reboot in safe mode and do a rollback to a previous version of the drivers.
As for battery life, depending on the objectives of the leader or Windows, or OS X. For example, in the Web-surfing MacBook to "windsurfing" lasted 574 minutes, under the control of Yosemite - 658 minutes. But when working with benchmarks results back - with graphics processing in the test Webgl OS X platform has provided 211 minutes of continuous operation, and Windows 8.1 - 289 minutes.
Battery life MacBook with Windows and OS X:
Performance of the MacBook with Windows and OS X: