Wednesday, April 15, 2015

iPhone can determine the availability of the subscriber in the network before dialing

Apple has patented technology that allows smartphones to automatically determine whether the user is available for a call or not, and with his consent display this information to your friends and colleagues. For this purpose, will be analyzed the time zone information, the type of ringtone, charge level, location and strength of the cellular signal.

Patent Office issued Patent and Trademark United States, describes the methods for testing the subscriber in the network to make a call or send a short message. The technology is as follows. Information on the availability and stability of the signal, battery level, location, current mode of operation (for example, may be included "Airplane") is loaded from your smartphone to the cloud, where requested by the owner of the iPhone, wishing to reach a particular subscriber.
For example, if the user activates the silent mode on your iPhone, turn on airplane mode, or the smartphone battery is discharged, the gadget will tell my friends that at the moment it is better not to call. Technology can even determine that a person is in an important meeting or involved in the fitness room. For design, the function will prevent users from wasting time and money in unsuccessful calls or, for example, connecting to an answering machine.
The prospect of being under constant supervision may displease some users. Many feel that the permanent collection of information about their status and location of a violation of their right to a private life. However, Apple stressed that the status of availability will be sent on request: the user can prohibit the provision of such information or allow for individual subscribers.
On the timing of the implementation of the technology described in the patent information yet.