Friday, April 10, 2015

Rolex and Patek Philippe: 10 Swiss watches, which can be purchased at the price of Apple Watch Edition

On Friday, April 10, Apple has opened pre-order on Apple Watch for customers in nine countries around the world. According to rumors, smart watches are a huge deficit, so that the models can be certified to wait until the summer.

The line has a collection Apple Apple Watch Edition, which will be released in limited edition, and you can buy it only in dozens of stores around the world - it is really a fashion accessory. At the Golden Apple Watch will be the same set of features, they differ only in the material: Edition made of yellow and pink gold. Cost - from $ 10,000 to $ 17,000.
Observers Forbes suggested to look at the model of Swiss watches, which at a cost comparable to top-end modifications Apple Watch Edition.

Patek Philippe

Cost: 5196G - $ 16,500, 4920R - $ 17,000, 5116R - $ 19,000
The amounts reported for the watchmaker Patek Philippe Calatrava and offers a range of models 5116R with a diameter of 36 mm dial in pink gold and 5196G model in white gold, but with a diameter slightly larger dial - 37 mm. For comparison, the diameters of the two Apple Watch - 38 and 42 mm. Women fit Patek Philippe 4920R model Twenty4, where in the set are two straps.
Another model in the lineup - Patek Philippe Aquanaft. Its cost is $ 18 000. Despite the fact that Aquanaft 5167A is made ​​of steel, the watch - in a rare short supply, and wait for them need to be of the order of six months (or even more). In any case, if you make a reservation now, you can get more hours at a price of $ 16-17 thousand. And in the summer the price will rise by at least 10%.


Cost: Reine de Naples - $ 15,500, 7027BR - $ 18,000, 5817BR - $ 18,000
Here the choice of experts advise watch market two models. The first - a beautiful classic Tradition 7027BR, made according to the type of pocket watches. Another popular model - Marine 5817BR with a diameter of 39 mm dial. In Marine, moreover, change straps almost as easily as in Apple Watch. This model is available leather and rubber straps. Breguet is and female models Reine de Naples - its steel casing can buy even less than $ 17,000.

Audemars Piguet

Cost: 15202ST - $ 17,000
Active people fit sports variant hours from Audemars Piguet, Royal Oak model octagonal 15202ST. The diameter of the dial - 39 mm. This model Audemars Piguet withstand immersion to a depth of 50 meters. The watch is made of durable stainless steel. Women should pay attention to novelty 2015 (also sports model) in steel and diamonds by workers.

Vacheron Constantin

Cost: $ 17,000
Vacheron Constantin Overseas model is steel with a diameter of 42 mm. With the clock can be submerged for a few tens of meters, there is a self-winding. When this is enough power reserve at 40 hours, which is twice higher than Apple Watch. An excellent choice for men who prefer steel, not leather bracelet.

Ulysse Nardin

Cost: Marine Chronometrie 1186-122 - $ 18,500, Dual Time Manufacture 3346-126 - $ 19,000, Executive - $ 19,000
Admirers of Ulysse Nardin in the price range Apple Watch can choose from two models. First - Marine Chronometrie 1186-122 with a diameter of 45 mm dial, made of pink gold. Or less calls the Model Dual Time Manufacture 3346-126 diameter of 42 mm and a second time zone. Last is perfect for travelers. Another option - Executive dial diameter of 40 mm.


Cost: Aerospace EVO Night Mission - $ 4000, Navitimer 01 Blue Edition - $ 7500
The company such expensive watches Breitling actually produces, but for the price of Apple Watch Edition can be purchased a few pairs, making a pleasant yourself and loved ones. For example, of the novelties of 2015: Navitimer 01 Blue Edition, Aerospace EVO Night Mission and Breitling B55 Connected. The latest model is made with current technology: it can be synchronized with the phone to adjust the hour.


Cost: Datejust - $ 17,000, Rolex Daytona - $ 14,500
These watches are always popular with men and women around the world. In addition, they can be a good investment, and perfectly suited to both business and everyday wardrobe.Women can look Datejust model with a diameter of 36 mm or bicolor (steel and yellow gold) version with diamonds on welt 1.37 carats. For men will be the best option Rolex Daytona, also made in steel and yellow gold, diameter 40 mm.