Friday, April 24, 2015

Samsung invites developers to create applications for the next generation of "smart" watches Gear

Releasing Apple Watch with a rectangular display, like the Californian giant challenged current market trends - all commercially successful models of smart watch the latest models have round display. Samsung, which is quite seriously believes that Apple has released a watch from a desire to imitate her actions, she decided to adopt the practice of American rival.

On Friday, Samsung announced the beginning of the spread of developer tools (SDK), which can advance to create applications for the new model Gear. Similarly, the Cupertino-based company came long before the start of sales of Apple Watch. Since Koreans have referred to watch the seventh generation series Gear, there is every reason to believe that the device uses the operating system Tizen.
Gear Orbis will become the seventh generation of "smart" watch line Samsung Gear. And this time, the Korean manufacturer expects to create a complete ecosystem around them, the development of which will be accelerated through early access to tools developers. South Korean giant is already working with FidMe, Yelp, CNN, Baidu and Apposter and before the announcement of the smart watch is planning to enlist the support of several more major partners.
"On the Rights of the leader of this rapidly growing industry Samsung is actively adapting its approach to improving wearable devices. With significant and progressive innovation Samsung encourages developers and industry leaders to open collaboration to work together to improve and create a unique interface" - said the head of Samsung's mobile division JK Shin.
According to previously voiced assumptions hours Gear seventh generation will have a rotating bezel around the display and side button as auxiliary controls, as well as the ability to charge wirelessly. In the case of wearable devices is often hints at a good protection against moisture and dust.
In addition to the version of the interface Bluetooth, Gear Orbis be offered in version with its own 3G-modem and support for Wi-Fi. In most cases, a smartphone for work they no longer need.