Friday, April 24, 2015

Best app for time Hours can download free [campaign]

In the App Store has been available free app Hours Time Tracking - manager for time award-winning Apple Design Award. The program makes the laborious task of adapting a pleasant time thanks to a visual chronicle of the day, automatic reminders, detailed reports and user-friendly interface. 

Hours very easy to use. To add a new activity, just press the appropriate button, select the project, client, color, and specify the name of the task. Add task, just click on the icon timer - all countdown has begun. Marked records entered in the calendar, so that the user can see what the time spent on any given day.
Many people enjoy the opportunity to generate reports for the selected period. The program exports the data in PDF and CSV. It is possible to generate a report only for the individual, so that you can clearly see, on whom took the most time.
In Hours, you can set up reminders to the application indicates to enter into the database active. It is only necessary to specify the time and days on which the user is working.
Appendix Hours Time Tracking is done with an emphasis on work tasks, but the decision is suitable for recording all cases. As tracker working time is probably the best solution available in the App Store.