Tuesday, April 7, 2015

"Smart" headphones Aivvy Q to pick their own music for the user [video]

Wireless headphones are quite comfortable in themselves, but the creation of playlists, search for suitable music tracks and album downloads can be quite tedious, distracting attention from the music. A feature of the new model of headphones called Aivvy Q is the ability to determine the favorite tracks and albums on their own make playlists.
The developers have positioned Aivvy Q as "the first self-learning music player". This means that in order to work with the device the user does not have to resort to using a smartphone or tablet. Built into the Wi-Fi module allows the headphones to sync with the cloud servi
ce Aivvy, which is responsible for the direct selection and music search. Also headphones cache found compositions for listening offline.
Ear cups are equipped with a touch panel, which activates a gadget in contact with the user's ear. The device allows the wearer to listen to music using preset channels that you can change by simply turning the ear cups. Over time Aivvy Q adapts to the tastes of the person and plays music to match their preferences.
To start Aivvy Q into serial production, the developers organized a campaign to raise funds for the site Kickstarter. At the moment of the planned $ 125,000 has already managed to collect $ 165,000, whereas before the end of the campaign is still 15 days. The first customers will receive Aivvy Q is priced at $ 249, which already includes an annual subscription to a music streaming service and companion app for iOS or Android. Deliveries Aivvy Q will begin in October this year.