Sunday, April 5, 2015

Smart watches with round display Hannspree Sportwatch cost 8 times less Apple Watch

Company Hannspree Sportwatch released on the British market a new model of a wearable computer, which is characterized by a round display and a low price tag. Smart watches will cost customers only $ 45 - 8 times less than the future Apple Watch.

Model Hannspree Sportwatch supporters focused on healthy living and the sample can be used in conjunction with smartphones running iOS and Android. Novelty, interestingly, not necessarily worn on the wrist: the set includes a pendant that transforms the device into "smart" necklace.
The basis is a smart watches NRF51822 microcontroller with a processor core ARM Cortex-M0, and is used to display information such as PMOLED monochrome display size of 0.68 inches. Due to the low power consumption, the device can operate without recharging for 5 to 8 days depending on usage. Built-in battery has a capacity of 50 mA/h. To communicate with smartphones use interface Bluetooth 4.0 BLE.
Watches are endowed with functions of counting steps, distance and calories burned, as well as monitor sleep. They may notify messages and calls received on the dual mobile device. In addition, there are all the usual functions of watch with alarm.
Hannspree Sportwatch are available on the manufacturer's website in two versions - black and blue.