Friday, April 17, 2015

Steve Wozniak did not have time to buy Apple Watch

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak said that he did not have time to buy a "smart" watch Apple Watch. According to Wozniak, March and April for him are always the busiest months.

However, the Wozniak noted that in any case will order Apple Watch, though not certain, that needs them. Wozniak wondering whether this device in any way affect his life.
Currently Steve Wozniak uses hand-made watch Nixie, which uses a gas-discharge lamp. As is the case with Apple Watch, watch face lights up when Wozniak show of hands.
Last month, in an interview with the Australian Financial Review newspaper Steve Wozniak said that he considers whether to buy only the most affordable option smart watch Apple - Apple Watch Sport. Acquisition models and Apple Watch Apple Watch Edition, in his view, is not a valid value for money.
"If you buy expensive models from the category of jewelry you buy is not "smart" watch with a bunch of applications. It's like in the case of Rolex - you spend money for the sake of prestige and label to show their status. This is not an engineer like me, I do not live in this world, it's not my world" - said Wozniak.
In February, giving a rating of "smart" watch Apple in an interview with BBC, he called the product of a work of art . "I had to use this "smart" watches - said Steve Wozniak. - The thing is that Apple makes products more interesting than others. Look at the display - it is almost a work of art". He believes that many fans of Apple products will become Apple Watch, that will trigger the explosive growth of the market of portable computers.