Thursday, April 23, 2015

The creator of Final Cut Pro and Photo for Mac Randy Ubillos announced his departure from Apple

Randy Ubillos, one of the key creators of Final Cut - it redesigned iMovie for Mac, and in 2010 was presented by Steve Jobs during a demonstration iMovie for iPhone - decided to leave Apple. On retirement from the company developer wrote in his microblog Twitter.

"Today is my last day of the 20 amazing years of work on the products Apple. Forward to the completion of a day's work and its future adventures" - wrote a top manager.
Ubillos headed the department of Apple, is responsible for the development of software for working with photos and video. Under his leadership, were created by Aperture and Final Cut Pro, as well as iPhoto and iMovie ported to the iPhone and iPad. Randy Ubillos is openly gay.
Professional development package Final Cut Ubillos headed in 1999. Prior to that, he worked on the first four versions of popular Adobe Premiere project and invited the company to create a new Macromedia KeyGrip storyboard based on Apple QuickTime.
Under the leadership of Randy Ubillos was created entirely new application for Foto OS X Yosemite - Mac-version for iPhone and iPad. Photos for Mac possible to replace pre-existing iPhoto and Aperture.
On the resignation of Randy Ubillos became known a day after the resignations leading PR manager Apple Natalie Kerris. She served as Senior Vice President of Public Relations Apple and worked in the company for 14 years.