Thursday, April 23, 2015

Displays on iPhone and iPad will be able to simulate the tactile wood and metal

Apple is looking for different ways to give your gadgets more advanced hardware and software capabilities. New ideas company diligently patents protecting against copying by competitors. The latest addition to an extensive patent portfolio Californian giant has become a patent on the sensor surface, capable of tactile simulate different materials, including wood and metal.

The patent, entitled "Touch surface with imitation materials" Apple issued on Thursday, April 23rd. According to the description of the technology, the manufacturer of smartphones and tablets is going to play the feel of the real objects of the measure using the hardware capabilities of electronics. In particular, it is proposed to use the vibration and changes in temperature by means of special sensors.
In the display panel of mobile devices and laptop trackpads Apple suggests using special sensors that are able to move in different directions at different speeds and to reproduce the feel of a smooth or rough surface. A manipulation of the temperature will increase the effect of simulating a particular thermal conductivity material. As a result, the user will create an overall impression that it does not touch the surface of the glass, and the subject of the real world.
Of course, this technology in the implementation of the company from Cupertino may appear not soon or not appear at all, but if Apple intends to explore some brand new high-tech sector, it may be a logical step.