Thursday, April 16, 2015

"The epicenter of innovation": the main sensation of Apple at WWDC 2015

Apple is preparing a large-scale premiere. Everything points to the fact that in June at the World Conference for developers ( WWDC in 2015 ) will be shown a completely new console Apple TV. We can talk about an important turn in the history of the company and the entire electronics industry.

For several years, sources told that Apple is about to show its vision of so-called "Internet of Things" or present an innovative system of online television, signing contracts with major content providers. Or maybe all of these ideas will be combined into a single device?
Announcement press conference Apple, which will take place in the framework of WWDC 8-12 June with probability close to 100% indicates a massive update Apple TV. And perhaps we are talking about the next version of the good, but not innovative set-top boxes, which have built in a more powerful processor. Text that marketers Apple prepared for the premiere, even by the standards of this company seems immodest intriguing and really pathetic.
Let's look at the invitation, sent out a press conference guests. Its design is encrypted geometric form, closely follows the contours of Apple TV. Picture provided with signature Epicenter of change («epicenter of change / innovation").
It is obvious that Apple TV has been seriously reworked. The question is, how serious. As the Vestifinance , manufacturers have tried to combine Internet TV technology with "smart" home and the Internet of things. Thus, the game console Microsoft Xbox One was conceived as a single media center with a wide range of functions and data entry systems. However, experience the same Xbox One shows that while in this area there is a "critical mass" of innovation.
Well, Apple has promised us it is "the epicenter of innovation". Let us remember the words of Tim Cook interview PBS: "TV - one of the foods that cause us a lively interest. TV - one of those things that, frankly, is stuck somewhere in the 70s. Think about how much your life has changed in that time. At the same time the TV when you walk into the living room, or anywhere else he can stand, and turn it on, as it takes you back to a certain time capsule.The interface is terrible. We are working on it. I do not want to go into the details of what we want to do in the future. But something we have already made with the Apple TV. Now the system is used by 20 million people. The idea came from the category of long hobby, but because initially it was just about it. And we've added more content to Apple TV this year.The system has more and more features. But we continue to work in this field".
In an interview with CNBC Tim Cook said that "the house, car and health" - the main directions for future research Apple. Set-top box just fits into the category of "home". Earlier there were rumors that Apple TV will launch a separate version of the app store App Store.
If the words of the "center of innovation" are devoted to this event, the pathos, of course, goes astray. But it will be important to look at how it will be implemented on-line store. One of the steps Apple may be enough to bring Apple TV market leader. There are rumors about the firm and streaming TV Apple. In the Wall Street Journal said that it can start to fall.
Loud slogan prepared for the press conference, speaks for itself. Apple TV set-top box will become a kind of center - entertainment center or "smart" home. Theoretically here can be integrated hub for storing and synchronizing data from all "apple" devices. May be entered into exclusive agreements with content providers for branded television system. Finally, the application store will expand the interface device and ask for the entire fashion industry. At least, it hopes to guide Apple. Tim Cook has already released the first truly new gadget after the death of Steve Jobs. This Apple Watch. It seems that the time has come second.