Thursday, April 9, 2015

The first reviews of the Apple Watch: a masterpiece of engineering, the best smart watches on the market

April 10, Apple will begin taking pre-orders for the first wearable computer company. The manufacturer has done everything to please the customers by offering 34 different modifications of smart watches, including premium finish and gave the device a first-class stuffing. iPhoneBul offers a selection of the first published abroad Reviews Apple Watch and find out how Apple did it.

In The Verge praised "friendly" design and modeling environment Smart watches. After a week of testing observers called novelty "technological and engineering marvel". "It is a masterpiece of engineering, supercomputer on your wrist, the quintessence of Apple" - says the author of the review. "Great display, the absence of any" locked up "in the OS, smooth operation, the same body - the subject of jewelry" - agrees with him Yahoo! Tech, noting the wide variety of settings and modes of output notification information.
Bloomberg columnist stated with confidence that people will want to buy Apple Watch, when they see a live device. "This is the most advanced wearable electronic device available today" - he said. However, despite the general delight of reviewers have to device a number of claims.
Yahoo Tech journalist said that it proved difficult to get used to the management of Apple Watch. "In the hours Apple suffers navigation. I do not see any visual cues about what I can do with the device. What happens if I press firmly on the screen, or begin to rotate a digital bit. Every time I had and put pressure on the screen and turn the wheel, and I felt like an idiot" - he said.
The author of The Verge irritated auto-activation screen Apple Watch. By default, the device's screen is off: it is activated when the user raises his hand to find out for a while. "I had to raise my hand and wait for a while until the screen turns on. To some it may seem that I pick. But we are talking about watches, time that looks ten times a day" - he explained. "Look at the watch and did not see the time - it's annoying" - agrees to Bloomberg.
Journalist Daring Fireball noted that weekly testing Apple Watch dispelled his fears about the battery life. "I decided to ignore the charge, which remains at the battery before I go to bed. Typically, this 30-40%. Once there are about 50%. But there was a day and 27%" - said the columnist. "However, I have never had a need to recharge the Apple Watch for a day" - he added.
Summing up, it is acknowledged to reporters Apple Watch, while noting that the watch needs to set up "out of the box" gadget has appeared for many serious distractions. "I'm in a meeting with 14 people. And then feel the vibration on the wrist. And this situation is repeated dozens of times during the day. Upon receipt of each message, each letter, each tweet, burning calories new portion, and so on. Is Apple Watch has not been created in order to enable you to enjoy the moment and relax from the iPhone?" - Asks the author Engadget.
"They notify me about events in the moment when they occur and allow you to instantly react to them, without having to reach for the phone. Apple Watch for me to become a natural extension of the body - a direct connection of the digital world to the brain, which I never had to feel before" - said the correspondent of The New York Times.
In Bloomberg believe that Apple has made the best smart watches. The company managed to maintain a reputation of innovators, but have not been able to convince people that these watches are really necessary: ​​Apple Watch cool, wonderful, powerful, and easy to use. But they are optional. So Long.
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