Thursday, April 9, 2015

Fan of "Interstellar" gathered using iPad the robot TARS [Video]

Fan of sci-fi film "Interstellar" Ian Heath gathered a suit multipurpose robot TARS. In the frame structure, built of wood and lined with aluminum sheets, two integrated iPad. The creation of costume took three months.

You are put on the front side plates that simulate screens Tarsus. In addition, the built-in camera in the front, the image which is on a small display before the eyes of the owner of the suit - because he sees what's going on in front. The suit also allows Heath talk to people and make sounds.
The suit was very realistic, it was shown for the first time in March at the festival. As the enthusiast, the design weighs about 20 pounds.
In late March, Christopher Nolan's blockbuster became triumphant prize Empire Awards, award ceremony which was held in London. Fiction film won the prize for best picture and best director's work. In addition, Nolan was awarded the honorary prize Empire Inspiration Award, which was presented to him the star of "Interstellar" Jessica Chastain.