Saturday, April 18, 2015

The new MacBook has received a unique SSD-controller of its own production Apple

After the presentation of the new 12-inch MacBook to Apple rained a barrage of criticism.Some were unhappy deficit interface connectors, other - insufficient capacity for notebook computer in 2015. Apple itself is positioning novelty as the future of laptops, each component of which is an innovation. One of the innovative computer innovations found in the iFixit, studying the internal structure of the machine.

How do I find specialists in the 12-inch MacBook uses a unique controller flash memory, which is not found in any other model of Mac. This house design Apple, created by the experts of Anobit - Israeli manufacturer of flash memory modules.
Anobit engineers come up with innovative signal processing algorithm for DSP, which will increase the speed and durability of flash memory, as well as reduce the cost of its release.Cupertino-based company acquired the startup in 2011.
Thanks to the new SSD-controller Apple abandoned the obsolete protocol AHCI and thus improve the performance of SSD. The new protocol is designed to work with SSDs, and brought to their work a number of improvements, including, for example, the ability to organize at the same time all of the 64 000 requests, each of which can contain 64,000 teams. Interface AHCI, by comparison, can send the drive at the same time not more than 32 teams.
Apple paid for Anobit about $ 400 million. There is no doubt that the development of the company will be used in all next-generation Mac.