Saturday, April 18, 2015

Player for view torrents without jailbreaking Moviebox now supports iOS 8.3

Developers player for streaming torrents MovieBox announced an update for devices with iOS 8.3. Feature of version 3.3.1 is that it can be installed on the iPhone and iPad without jailbreaking.

Torrents continue to be the most convenient way to watch movies and TV shows. Methods for the computer to download and watch a lot of content, the same Popcorn Time. On iOS also have similar solutions. The creators of service MovieBox offered a unique solution that can benefit everyone. The application works on the principle of Popcorn Time and allows you to view online torrent.
MovieBox is a free movie library with access to content-based technologies BitTorrent. The creators of the service pick the most popular films in a single directory and let you watch them directly from the app or download to your device. Mobile client, created a Web application that acts as both a catalog of films and player. To view the film is enough to choose the right name from the library, specify the quality of the image and click «Watch Now».
Many movies and TV series have in Russian voice acting, and the quality can be selected depending on the connection type. When you select the lowest quality playback begins almost immediately. It is possible to include subtitles, but you need to register on the site OpenSubtitles.
To install MovieBox on the iPhone and iPad without jailbreaking need to use the free web service vshare. It allows you to install applications to bypass the corporate store App Store.