Friday, April 17, 2015

Tim Cook in 2014 earned $ 65 million

In 2014, Apple CEO Tim Cook received compensation valued at $ 65.2 million, according to Bloomberg. Despite the skepticism of analysts about the future of Apple, under the guidance of the Cook company has reached unprecedented heights. Merit current CEO noted commentators, a rating of the highest paid executives in the United States.

During the three years that Tim Cook was at the helm of Apple, the company increased its revenue to $ 183 billion (up 69%), net profit - to $ 39.5 billion (up 53%), revenues from sales of smart phones has more than doubled - to $ 102 billion .
The list of CEOs whose shares are traded on US exchanges, with the highest actual income Tim Cook takes only 17th place, but he is a leader in payments made on the basis of the financial results of the company.
The publication is a separate index Bloomberg Pay. Reporters calculated index Pay-for-Performance (PfP) based on a percentage of the compensation package to head a three-year economic profit company that provides a net operating profit after taxes minus the cost of capital. Tim Cook revenues, according to the method of calculation corresponds to 0.2% of economic profit Apple for three years.
According to official statements, in 2014 the size of the compensation package Tim Cook doubled to $ 9.22 million , including a salary of $ 1.75 million and $ 6.7 million received in the form of bonus payments. In 2013, the head of the iPhone and iPad maker has received $ 4.25 million. The total amount of compensation then totaled $ 73.9 million.
In 2011, Tim Cook, who succeeded hard bolevshego at the time Steve Jobs, received an award of $ 378 million, becoming the highest-paid leader in the United States . Although it is known that half of the package Cook will receive in 2016, half - in 2021. For three years, according to some sources, the amount exceeded $ 530 million. Companies typically use stocks in order to stimulate their top managers, but at the same time and hold them in the workplace, as the sale of such securities will be available only after a certain period of time.
In late March, Cook said that all his wealth he will donate to charity . True, the first CEO pay their education 10-year-old nephew. According to Cook, he had already allocated money for charity, but then Apple CEO plans "do not just write checks", but to develop a systematic approach to this process. In particular, the CEO is going to subsidize the fight against the spread of AIDS, human rights and reform of the immigration system in the United States.
Fortune estimates all the state chapter of the American corporation at $ 800 million.