Sunday, April 5, 2015

To cope with the dependence on smartphones, British politician went from iPhone to Blackberry

British politician Ed Miliband in an interview told Absolute Radio that he has decided to abandon the iPhone. Has not kept his upcoming debut even branded watches Apple Watch - he sold the Apple smartphone and moved to BlackBerry. Of particular interest is the motivation official.

Miliband said that the iPhone, according to him, provides the user with a wide range of opportunities too - unlike tubes BlackBerry. It takes a lot of time and distracts from the work.He decided to stop using the "apple" smartphone, and now he's a Canadian manufacturer of the device.
"Absolute Radio: I read that you decided to give up the iPhone, because of him you are constantly viewed Twitter and read political commentary. Is this true?
Miliband: Yes, BlackBerry advantage is that these things are in some sense more difficult to do on these phones. It seems that it is called "limited functionality". But in my case it is a big plus".
BlackBerry devices are often criticized because of the lack of software popular on other mobile platforms. But, as it turns out, some see this as an advantage. Why not buy a push-button "dialer" Nokia?