Monday, April 20, 2015

US prosecutors accused Apple of aiding terrorism

Apple is not the first time under attack by the US government because of the embedded in iOS 8 data encryption. US Department of Justice, in particular, has stated that Apple may be responsible for the deaths of children. At this time, distinguished Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Uans.

In a radio interview Uans stated that the encryption on the iPhone restricts access by law enforcement authorities to personal data of users and, knowing this, Apple's smartphone will be used by terrorists.
"Apple created a phone that is out of reach, law enforcement officers can not access it, even if the court will make the decision - said the prosecutor on the transfer of The Cats Roundtable. - This device will be used by terrorists".
Uans noted that he understands the need for privacy, but, in his opinion, the government should have access to mobile devices in emergency situations.
To such accusations Apple claims that law enforcement officials can get the same information you need other way, for example, from telecom operators. "You know, if the police wants something, she has to go to the user and to get it. To do this - none of our business" - said at Apple.
In the company from Cupertino say that with the help of encryption they strive to meet the demands of users to protect their personal data. However, law enforcement officials see it as a step in the wrong direction. As they say, because of such protection to the police will be much harder, even on the court, examine the contents of the smartphone suspect - messages, photos, calendar and contact lists. Even Apple itself will not be able to provide them with the decryption key information on the iPhone.
The autumn of last year, Apple announced that no longer will be able to transfer law enforcement and security sensitive data users who have installed on their devices iOS 8. In a message posted on its website, said that all the devices on which the operating system is automatically protected from The transfer of power stored in their information.
In March, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the corporation against the attempts of the US government access to personal data of users under the pretext of fighting terrorism.Currently, the IT-company is a lot of pressure, so that they have installed backdoors in encryption mechanisms to counter crime. In Cupertino strongly oppose. Apple is considering privacy as a "basic human right".