Monday, April 20, 2015

The media learned about plans of Nokia to return smartphone on market

Nokia plans to return to the smartphone on market in the next year. It is reported by the resource Re / code, citing its own sources. It is alleged that the initiator of such plans was one of the three remaining after the deal with Microsoft divisions of the Finnish company - Nokia Technologies.

Nokia mobile division was sold to Microsoft in 2014. The remaining department Nokia Technologies is now engaged in the licensing of 10,000 patents held by the corporation. In addition, the division is responsible for product development and licensing them to other companies. According to the source, has at its disposal a number of developments that have a "battle on the spot" users if these developments will be implemented in the future gadget.
So far, Nokia Technologies has released only two products: application Zlauncher and tablet Nokia N1, which was the first device after the company announced the sale of Microsoft's mobile division. N1 is running the Android operating system and has a proprietary graphical environment.
As the Re / code, hardly Nokia wants to make a new phone itself. Most likely, it will use the same model as in the case of the Nokia N1. The company will limit itself design activities, to develop a device and licenses its brand with contract manufacturers such as Foxconn, which produces Nokia N1. The Taiwanese company is also responsible for marketing and sales of the tablet.
In addition to the release of a mobile phone, Nokia is developing a number of ambitious projects in the field of virtual reality, indicates the source. For more information on this area, he did not provide.
According to the deal with Microsoft, the company may not be used on the Nokia brand phones to IV quarter 2016. In turn, the Corporation of Redmond has already begun to abandon the Nokia brand in its main line of smartphones Lumia, but still uses it on the phones.