Sunday, July 12, 2020

A professional photographer took an amazing shot on a budget smartphone

Smartphone cameras are getting better every year. Manufacturers actively advertise the photographic abilities of the flagships, assuring that only an expensive device is capable of taking impressive pictures. An independent photographer did not agree with this statement and proved that even with a smartphone for $ 250 you can take beautiful photos.
The Bulgarian photographer Mikhail Minkov shoots mainly on the expensive Sony A7III mirrorless camera, specializing in starry sky photography. However, one of his last pictures was taken on a very atypical gadget.

The presented photo was taken on Redmi Note 9 Pro. With his help, the photographer tried to prove that the technical characteristics and price of a smartphone are not as important as the one in whose hands it is located. In his opinion, even with a budget device, you can achieve impressive results.

To take a picture, Mikhail used the stairs to rise above the field of sunflowers and get the desired view. After that, he took 10 pictures in manual mode with different exposures. In the settings, a 30-second shutter speed and ISO 3200 were set. At the very end, the photographer clicked another shot to get bright colors. After all the received images were collected in one, which allowed to get an impressive result.

Michael’s example clearly shows that with an inexpensive smartphone on hand, you can take a high-quality picture if you approach the process wisely.