Sunday, July 12, 2020

Sony has invested $ 250 million in Epic Games

Sony Corporation decided to invest in Epic Games - the Japanese giant acquired a minority stake in the amount of $ 250 million dollars. The essence of the transaction may be interpreted in different ways, but this is definitely not connected with Sony’s plans to release its exclusives in the digital distribution service Epic Games Store, no matter how many millions of PC gamers would like.

According to the editor of VentureBeat, Sony is making its move in the emerging wave of non-X-ray consoles. Partnership with Epic Games will allow the company to receive great support from the authors of the Unreal Engine 5 engine, because until that time EG has maintained relative neutrality in relation to multi-platform titles. Simply put, Sony has gained a strong ally.

At the moment, Sony owns approximately 1.4% of the Epic Games stake and is not able to significantly affect the company's affairs. In addition, the two corporations plan to create some kind of convenient ecosystem that will improve the gaming experience of gamers. Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney emphasized that the company has no plans to deal with exclusives for the PlayStation.