Monday, July 20, 2020

Amazon introduced smart shopping carts without sellers

A few years ago, Amazon began to open stores without cash desks and sellers, where all purchases are recorded by smart cameras. Something similar has already appeared in Russia. Now, the American corporation has shown a smart cart that makes shopping easier.

Dash Cart looks and acts like a regular food cart. Every time a customer puts a product inside, the computer vision system scans it, determining the weight and quantity. It will also be possible to enter the product code directly on the cart, without resorting to specialized self-service scales.

To activate Dash Cart, you need to log in to the Amazon app on your smartphone, and then just start shopping. A special scanner for discount coupons is built into the basket, which supports Alexa smart assistant lists. When leaving the store, you do not need to stand in queues or go to the checkout, since when you pass a special area, the amount necessary to pay for the goods is automatically debited from the account.

The first such carts will appear at Woodland Hills in Los Angeles later this year.