Monday, July 20, 2020

Crysis fan remaster released. You can download it completely free

The team of talented modders Remaster Studio presented their new work to the public. This is a remaster of Crysis, which began development long before the official announcement. He came out earlier - and you can download the mod for free.

The Crysis Enhanced Edition boasts a range of graphical innovations. The authors introduced screen reflections into the game, updated object textures, lighting, shadows and added many small particles to the screen. However, not all innovations have come to the face of the game, and amateurs are visible in the authors with the naked eye. For example, particles behave in a very strange way, and the updated explosion effect of equipment is in many ways inferior to the original version.

On the other hand, the work is completely free and made by a team of shooter fans with pure enthusiasm and love for video games. It seems that this alone should discourage users from scolding the creation of Remaster Studio. You can download the modification from this link. It takes approximately 10 GB of disk space and requires the original game to be installed.