Friday, July 10, 2020

Apple has released an open beta version of iOS 14 for all users

Less than a month after the announcement of the iOS 14 operating system, Apple introduced a public beta version of the firmware for the iPhone. All owners of compatible devices can test the new assembly today, and installing it will take a little longer than a traditional system software update.

A preliminary version of iOS 14 is available for iPhone 6s and newer branded smartphones. To install the operating system, using the standard Safari browser, go to the Apple Beta program website, log in using your Apple ID account and register your device. After that, you will need to download the profile for testing in the "Profile Installation" section and apply it in the "Settings - General - Uploaded Profiles" menu. The corresponding system image upon completion of the procedure will be available for download in the "Software Update" section.

Among the key differences between iOS 14 and previous versions of the mobile operating system are the appearance of widgets on the home screen, the ability to select the default browser and email client, the authorization feature on websites using biometrics, improved anti-tracking for Safari, the new Siri assistant interface, and “anti-spyware” clipboard notifications and other useful features. It is worth noting that the stable operation of the beta version is not guaranteed. Before installing it, users are advised to make a backup copy of the data in case the smartphone rolls back to the previous firmware version.