Thursday, July 16, 2020

Key technical experts rated Ghost of Tsushima graphics

The release of Ghost of Tsushima will take place tomorrow, July 17th. The game divided the critics into two camps: one liked it, and the other disappointed. Now, Digital Foundry experts, who care only about the technical side of the issue, have got down to business.

According to analyst John Linneman, the graphics in Ghost of Tsushima deserve praise, but the game still doesn't match the PS4 exclusives quality bar. The expert liked the particles, lighting, sound, weather, clouds and vegetation, as well as character models. In addition, Linneman noted fast downloads: it is rare to wait more than 20 seconds.

Of the shortcomings, the analyst called the hero's animations while moving around the open world. There are problems with responsiveness of control - the character is reluctant to obey commands while moving. There is no such problem in battles. It also seemed strange to the expert that the hero’s legs sometimes slip through stairs or other objects.

As for performance, the samurai action works in 1800p on the PlayStation 4 Pro and in 1080p on the standard PlayStation 4. On the older version of the console, you can switch to Full HD mode for more picture stability, but this is almost pointless: the action movie runs at 30 fps, and the counter for frames per second rarely sags below this value.