Thursday, July 16, 2020

Microsoft has released a massive update for branded Android-launcher

Microsoft Launcher, formerly known as Arrow Launcher, received a major update. According to the company, the new version 6.0 was actually rewritten from scratch, which allowed to achieve a significant improvement in interface performance. There were also a number of notable innovations like a completely redesigned dark theme.

One of the most important innovations of Microsoft Launcher 6.0 has become a personalized news feed, which was previously considered the exclusive function of the folding smartphone Surface Duo. This function allows you to receive relevant information on topics of interest during the day.

The new version of Microsoft Launcher also completely redesigned the dark theme to minimize eye strain in the dark. This function is supported at the system level, however, it requires Android version 8.0 and higher to work. The launcher itself can be installed on devices with Android 7.0+.

Other innovations include a horizontal display mode, automatic daily change of wallpaper from the Bing collection, support for third-party application icon sets, including adaptive icons.

An updated version of Microsoft Launcher is available through Google Play, but Microsoft warns that depending on the region, the release of the update may be delayed.