Monday, July 20, 2020

Rumor: Apple "cut" the displays of the entire line of iPhone 12

Long before the presentation of the iPhone 12, almost everything was known about the new flagships of Apple - from the cost to the proposed configuration. But according to the latest report from insiders, the lack of a power supply will not end with the differences between the new products and their predecessors. An unofficial image was displayed on the network, demonstrating the alleged design of the display modules of the upcoming devices - judging by the leak, not only the edges of their case will be flat.

According to Apple Lab's Twitter blog post, all versions of the iPhone 12 will get “100% flat screens." According to the source, when creating devices, Apple will abandon 2.5D glass - their design will resemble the iPad Pro (2020) tablets. The sides of the devices, made of aluminum, will also be flat.

It is expected that the return to the corporate design of the iPhone 4 will improve the user experience - due to the lack of rounding, the devices will not slip out of hand. In addition, the move to flat screens will presumably bring down the price of smartphones. Apple representatives did not comment on the insider publication - the company will show the final design of new products this fall.