Thursday, July 16, 2020

Oldies will appreciate. The retail version of the ambitious Microsoft Flight Simulator will be released on 10 discs

Recently, the ambitious Microsoft Flight Simulator, which promises to bring all modern gaming systems to its knees, has gained a release date. Together with this announcement, the publisher talked about how it will be distributed in retail. And this information will surely make gamers-old-timers remember the beginning of the zero: the game will ship as many as 10 discs.

It should be noted that this is not a Blu-ray, but only a two-layer DVD. Why Microsoft decided to distribute its new game in this way is unclear. It is also important to make a reservation that while we are talking only about European retail. It is possible that in other regions the policy regarding the number of disks will be different, because the novelty itself "weighs" by today's standards is not so much - only 90 GB.

In fact, this is only a client. Most of the vast virtual world, according to some data occupying thousands of terabytes, will stream from the cloud. Therefore, playing Microsoft Flight Simulator without a permanent Internet connection will fail.

Microsoft Flight Simulator will go on sale on August 18. A standard retail edition will cost 70 euros in Europe, but for a premium they ask as much as € 130. In figure, the prices are expected to be more modest - about $ 60 for the base and $ 120 for the full.