Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Samsung: 6G will appear earlier than previously thought

It is assumed that 6G will allow downloading data at speeds up to 1 TB / s, which is 8000 times more compared to 5G. This will download fifty 4K movies per second. True, the emergence of networks of the sixth generation is expected only in 10 years. Samsung does not agree with this statement, announcing a faster start of 6G deployment.

Samsung has published a large document presenting its vision for sixth generation networks. It speaks of a variety of scenarios for using 6G, but most importantly, the company expects the first commercial networks to appear in 2028, and by 2030 they should become popular among users. The report of the South Korean giant also states that the International Telecommunication Union should begin work on defining the concept of 6G as early as next year.

In its report, Samsung identified three key categories of 6G requirements: performance, architecture, and reliability. And the essence of sixth generation networks is to bring high-speed connectivity to all aspects of our lives. It is interesting that the company expects a maximum data transfer rate of 1000 Gbit / s, which is 50 times higher than 5G, the delay should not exceed 100 ms - one tenth of the delay in fifth-generation networks.

Samsung builds its forecasts on the fact that the time to develop technical standards for each subsequent generation, from 2G to 5G, was reduced. So, if the appearance of 3G took 15 years, then the launch of 5G took 8 years. The company is confident that in the case of 6G, this trend towards a reduction in terms will continue.