Monday, July 28, 2014

UNITI Stand: Stand for stylish iMac, iPad and iPhone from iForte [video]

The company collects iForte funding aluminum stand for iMac computers and monitors Thunderbolt Display. Accessory called UNITI Stand allows you to change the height of the screen and bring order to your desktop.

Stand fits all monitors and monoblock Apple machines with an L-shaped support. Probably, the gadget is compatible with some other external displays and computers "all-in-one", but this site does not say anything. According to the manufacturer, metal design new items can withstand even the heaviest 27-inch model iMac.
The two front metal structure supports UNITI Stand mounted small attachment for mobile devices. Skipping through them cable, you can charge and sync data on iPhone and iPad gadgets or just put on for optimal viewing height. On the front of the stand, there are two USB 3.0 ports and audio jack for headphones.
"Exquisite minimalist design and the presence of interface ports, this stand is an essential accessory for all users who spend many hours in front of a monitor or iMac Apple», - the developers say.
Order UNITI Stand possible site Kickstarter . The cost of universal stand is 159 dollars.