Monday, September 29, 2014

Apple removed the app from the App Store because of "improper use of widgets"

Apple removed from the App Store App Launcher, which allows you to create shortcuts for actions in different applications and use them as Notification Center widgets. This was told by the developer of Launcher Greg Gardner on his website.

23 September Apple contacted Greg and warned that the company decided to limit the scope of widgets for interaction with other applications. In Cupertino noted that this is the wrong use of this interface element, although the rules App Store is no such limitation and first moderators approved application developer complained.
"Apple told me that I need to update the application, removing widgets for Notification Center or they will exclude it from the App Store" in a few days" - said the developer of Launcher.
Creator Launcher added that he issued a "compromise update" in which click on the Notification Center widgets does not lead directly to the third-party application, and forwards it to the program. Update was sent for moderation on 26 September. Within an hour, Apple vetoed the new version of Launcher and removed from App Store.
Customers who have already installed the Launcher can use all the features. For those who download the new version of the program, after returning to the App Store, access to the widgets will be limited.