Friday, March 20, 2015

Apple has a patent on touch screen keyboard for Mac with tactile feedback

Apple granted patent on the keyboard for computers Mac, which works on the principle of virtual keyboard unit mobile devices based on the operating system iOS. It is reported resource Patently Apple.

The patent, entitled "Programmable keyboard for a portable multifunction device", the company was granted US Patent Office this week. The corresponding patent application, Apple filed in November 2014.
The onscreen keyboard is used to enter information in smartphones iPhone, the iPod touch and tablet iPad. The user can switch between different layouts (letters, numbers and symbols), as well as select input languages. The same principle should work a new generation of keyboards for the Mac. The device is structurally resembling Magic Trackpad, get a touch surface instead of physical keys. The absence of the latter will compensate tactile feedback Force Touch.
Force Touch technology has been applied for the first time in the new MacBook laptop and updated 13-inch MacBook Pro. Touch trackpad laptops deprived of a button, but it provides a clear sense of clicks anywhere. Virtual Keyboard Apple will also provide a response by pressing the keys: the surface will vibrate in every place, why it would seem that the user just for the physical keys. Fingers can get feedback when typing, thereby increasing comfort while typing.
On the timing of the practical implementation of the innovative Apple keyboard is not reported.