Sunday, March 29, 2015

Google and Johnson&Johnson have partnered to create a robotic surgeons

Google announced a partnership with Johnson & Johnson, the purpose of which - the creation of an advanced robotic surgical platform. The new joint project will involve "opportunities, development and experience" on both sides. In addition, to provide a platform to attend medical equipment manufacturer Ethicon.

The partnership involves the use of companies manufacturers of robots as an additional surgical instrument. In the future, the ability to fully use robots performing surgery on their own.
"Robotic surgery - a type of minimally invasive surgery, which involves the use of technology to provide surgeons a higher level of control, access and accuracy during surgery, while the benefits for patients is to minimize the wounds and scars, and less prolonged postoperative wound healing and rapid recovery. Companies seeking to develop new robotic tools and opportunities for surgeons and medical staff operating rooms that combine best-in-class medical technology with advanced automated systems, visualization and analytics" - said in a statement.
Described in the joint project of Google and Johnson & Johnson platform will also be used to collect and analyze data related to these or other procedures to improve the level of medicine and the specific techniques used by surgeons today, in the long run.
As suggested by the team Google Life Sciences, which oversees the project on behalf of Google, the use of robots in surgery can significantly improve your overall health. At least robots allow surgeons to perform more precise actions in the process of operating.