Sunday, March 29, 2015

RecordPause: Pause for video in iOS [Cydia]

The developers of third-party cameras for iOS focus on new software capabilities, and promoted one of the "chips" is the so-called pause when shooting movies. Now this feature is available in the standard application iPhone, but only for owners of jailbroken devices.

For this functionality you need to install from Cydia tweak RecordPause. It just works - during video recording can at any time suspend and resume shooting. Handy if you need to change the shooting angle, without creating a new video.
Superstructure works right after the installation. If during the recording of the video click on the timer, it will change color from white to yellow to indicate that the suspension of the shooting. A second tap on the clock will resume recording.
Pause there in standard cameras on smartphones Samsung, HTC and other manufacturers in the same way it works and when using tweak RecordPause. A small application size 80 KB unpacked implements the above-described mode for the camera. It is worth noting that earlier versions did not work very stable, but in the version 1.0.2 has no problems.