Thursday, April 23, 2015

1500 users MacBook Pro with anti-glare display defect demanded that Apple will replace laptops

MacBook Pro users massively complain about the anti-reflective coating delamination of the screen, according to Cnews. To open letter to Apple with the requirement to replace a laptop or perform a free repair joined by more than 1,500 users "apple" technology.

The site , which is collecting complaints posted many pictures of users from all over the world. They depict screens MacBook Pro with spots in places where there was peeling.
Initially, users have suggested that delamination occurs in areas of contact with the screen keyboard in the closed position by friction. Subsequently, however, there were photographs in which spots are present on the edges of the screen - that is, in an area that does not touch the opposite side of the body in the closed position.
Complaints received from the owners of the MacBook Pro with Retina-display 13 and 15 inches, issued during the period from 2012 to 2014.
"We are a group of users Apple, each of which has paid more than $ 2000/2000 euros for MacBook, which appeared on the screens of the terrible stain. In some cases, there are stains after only seven months after purchase. They vary in shape - in some cases many small spots appear around the display. In other cases, large patches appear in the center of the screen" - the site says
Users complain that Apple did not respond to this problem properly, "The company told us that it was minor damage that warranty does not cover". In this case, the only way to regain previous form MacBook Pro - to replace the display. This procedure costs $ 800/800 EUR.However, even those who replaced the display, do not have any guarantees that the situation will not happen again.
"What we expect from Apple? Program free repair all MacBook with this problem.And let the company does not consider whether this case comes in the warranty or AppleCare. Because we have already paid for the defective laptop a lot of money, earned with great difficulty" - said on its website.
The first complaint in the coating delamination appeared on the official Apple online forum in early April 2014. To date, the branch on the official forums Apple, dedicated to the discussion of the defect, has 674 replies and nearly 120 000 views.