Thursday, April 23, 2015

Apple energetically promoting of Developer who invented the story of the healing of cancer

Edition of The Australian Women's Weekly told the story of fraudsters, pathologically demonstrative personality and sociopath. People eager to receive healing from serious illnesses by means of a miracle - eternal, omnipresent and carry them to the number. Well, critical thinking ... Yes, why is it necessary.

At that time, thousands of faithful followers on social networks were convinced that 26-year-old Belle Gibson bravely battling cancer, known blogger confessed to cheating. In an interview, she confirmed that her own doctrine of a healthy lifestyle, which has become the largest event in this area in the Australian online, a fantasy.
Belle (fully Annabel Natalie Gibson) born in 1991 seemed on the internet for three years older, and told about the successful treatment of cancer. Most people would not have survived with so many diagnoses of cancer, but the online version Gibson was inflexibility, cheerfully believed in the magical power of diets and alternative therapies, as well as its fast-growing brand of alternative lifestyle on offer including a very popular app in the App Store. In Instagram have been cheerful blonde 193,000 subscribers, which she demonstrated her self and gave advice about treatment.
In Australia, Belle became a celebrity because of his victory over the disease. To promote the application is to use social networks and even traveled around the country to give lectures and promotional campaign.
The number of subscribers grew Belle, she was going to publish the book in the UK and the US and Apple invited her to create an application for Apple Watch, so Gibson rushed to California.
In early March edition Fairfax Media published an article on non-profit organizations around the world who have not received donations promised by the creator of The Whole Pantry.The truth began to emerge on the surface. The company reported on Facebook that the payments were not made due to financial difficulties, but they are supposedly going to transfer the money.
Belle herself Gibson went underground. She removed the account and the account of his company in Instagram, closed the account in Twitter, and cleaned up all traces of social networks, which could find.
But it was too late. The company Apple, promoting a "brave girl", stopped selling its applications via the App Store, and has removed the promo page The Whole Pantry app for Apple Watch. Publisher of the book The Whole Pantry, Penguin books, Australia withdrew its cookbook bookstore, while recognizing that they "did not check the medical history Gibson".
A recent favorite of all of Australia is now hidden from everyone but her fans shocked by how easy they are to believe someone on the Internet.