Saturday, April 4, 2015

Forbidden to sell Apple Watch in Switzerland due to patent infringement

Head of the Department of retail and online sales of Apple Angela Ahrendts sent a video message Apple Store employees called "Confidential - Message from Angela". It said a top manager of the order customer service smart watches Apple Watch the first day of sales.

Customers interested in purchasing the first wearable device Apple, will need to pre-book a specific model in the online store. Ahrendts reported that orders will be taken on April 10 with 12:01 on the North American Pacific Time (PDT). As it turned out, Apple will not be able to sell Apple Watch in Switzerland because of a violation of patent law. Patent that allegedly violates the California giant, was registered in 1985 and expires on December 5, 2015. This patent is owned watch company Leonard.
In a message to employees Angela Ahrendts stressed that the best way to buy watches - order them online. Apple Store visitors will first be offered the opportunity to try Apple Watch and then the consultant will help accommodate pre-order the Apple site or application Apple Store. The ceremony of the first acquaintance with the clock does not imply automatic backup device to buy, said a top manager.
Pre-orders for Apple Watch will take 10 of April. Buyers can choose from several pre-arranged combination of cases and bracelets. Thus, the most affordable model Apple Watch Sport costing $ 349 will be presented in the company's online store in 10 design options, the average modification Apple Watch for as low as $ 549 is offered in two dozen versions, and for premium models Apple Watch Edition, the cost of which comes to $ 17,000 , prepared eight variations.
Apart from branded stores Apple Watch wearable devices, Apple will next week in the boutiques of Tokyo, London and Paris.