Saturday, April 11, 2015

Puzzle Twisty Hollow became application of week and is available in the App Store for free

A challenging puzzle game Twisty Hollow from the company Arkadium assign an application to the week the App Store. Within seven days of gaming application will be available for download free of charge.

At first glance it may seem Twisty Hollow childishly simple, but it is not. Originality lies in the fact that gamers are invited to become a link between the residents of a small town and self-proclaimed eccentric mayor. During the game you need to help the citizens to comply with the manager, who will no doubt surprise your desires. The player will have to restore order and to compare working with their tools using a spinning wheel.
Population Twisty Hollow primarily cares about food, therefore, the task of the player will be included with the product. The gameplay is represented by three drums: one shows the raw material (cow, worms for fishing, sheep, etc.), on the other instruments (rod, knife, pickaxe, etc.) and experts (miner, fisherman, butcher, etc. etc.), that is, that we provide the ability to make the right combinations like "Fisherman Fishing Rod + + = Worm Fish", providing citizens and work and food.
At the first level, the process seems simple, but as you progress through a combination will be more difficult, chains become longer and there will be a time limit. His touch in the project will play a funny mayor, detract from their complex mission instructions and decrees.
During the week, the game will be free. Download Twisty Hollow possible, passing on this link.