Saturday, April 11, 2015

Visitor of Apple Store videotaped fitting Apple Watch

Original marketing strategy adopted by Apple. Two weeks before the start of sales of "smart" watches fans allowed in stores Apple Store. There they can touch it and even try coveted object, but to buy a watch and carry them with you is impossible.

On Friday, Apple began taking pre-orders on the clock, but you can purchase products and through an online store or a mobile application, most Apple users can do it from home. The first lucky ones who were able to try on smart watches, were residents of 9 countries, including Australia, UK, Germany, Canada, China, the US, France and Japan and the Special Administrative Region of China - Hong Kong.
Users who decide to purchase smart watches, have 15 minutes to test the device.Customers who wish to purchase a gold version of Apple Watch Edition, will be served within 30 minutes of the most qualified staff Apple Store, passed special courses.
According to USA Today, on the eve near the main Apple store in New York in the morning was a huge queue of fans "apple" products. Reporters also noted that the inside of the store was "overcrowded" - hundreds of people waiting for their turn to touch a unique device. No less excitement occurred in other countries, where hundreds of wishing to create the whole queue at the entrance at the Apple Store.
Deliveries Apple Watch buyers will begin on April 24, previously reported in Cupertino. But on Friday, after the opening of pre-orders, the Apple informed that delivery may be delayed until May and June, and for the version in the gold case - and all through August. Piper Jaffray analysts expect that in this fiscal year (to the end of September 2015) Apple will sell 8 million copies Smart watches, which would bring her revenue of $ 4.4 billion.