Friday, April 3, 2015

Samsung have entrusted the production of Apple A9 processors for the next generation iPhone and iPad

Edition of Bloomberg became aware of the resumption of close cooperation Apple and Samsung in the market of mobile processors. It is expected that the South Korean company will again be the main partner of the processor manufacturer's iPhone and iPad.

The source indicates that Samsung has signed an agreement with Apple to manufacture processors for the iPhone and iPad, which will be released this year. Contract terms suggest that Samsung will supply the American corporation for most computing SoC instead of TSMC, which now produces the lion's share of decisions Apple A8.
According to Korean media reports, Apple has decided to return to the partnership with Samsung, as the latter was able to reduce operational risks at the expense of working with contract supplier GlobalFoundries. Production of Apple A9 processors will start at the factory in Gyeonggi Samsung (South Korea). Then the Korean giant uses the power company in Austin, Texas (USA) and GlobalFoundries plant in New York. The cost of transactions between Samsung and Apple is estimated at several billion dollars.
TSMC this year will not receive any orders for the production of chipsets Apple A9, and Samsung together with his partner Globalfoundries will be the only supplier of hardware platforms for the next generation of smart phones iPhone. Using only a single vendor will help Apple reduce development costs chipset. With regard to security of supply, which is usually achieved through diversification, the Samsung has always been considered one of the most reliable suppliers of components, and Apple is unlikely to fear any serious complications.
After the release of the hardware platform of the Samsung Exynos 7 already has a lot of experience with the 14-nm process. And the new Apple A9 processor will also be based on this process technology, providing significant gains in energy efficiency and performance compared to 20-nm process technology in Apple A8.