Saturday, September 27, 2014

Apple: A vulnerability in the Bash shell does not threaten the majority of Mac users

This week, security expert Robert Graham of Errata Security discovered a vulnerability in the Bash shell , which is present on Linux, which are set as home computers and Internet servers, as well as in OS X. Apple has hastened to assure users that this error does not threaten the majority owners of Mac.

According to Apple, error ShellShock, actually opens the hackers access to all resources of the victim's computer, does not affect ordinary computers. Risk can arise only if the user himself will provide advanced services to configure UNIX.
"Bash, shell programming language included on OS X, has a vulnerability that allows an unauthorized user to gain remote access to the compromised system. In the case of OS X system is protected initially and does not allow for error, if the person did not perform configuration of advanced services UNIX. Now we are working hard to release an update for advanced users UNIX", - the report says Apple.
That exploit the vulnerability Bash, allow remotely execute code, so attackers can spread malware. According to experts, most of the attacks will be aimed at Web servers, and especially vulnerable are those that are executed PHP-application. Connected to a network of different smart devices can also be vulnerable, as they often slowly updated.
David Jacoby of Kaspersky Lab notes that the real scale of the problem yet it is difficult to assess. According to the network operators, the vulnerability is actively exploited by hackers.