Friday, September 26, 2014

Nexus 6 seen in the photo next to the LG G3

Yesterday in the network has the first alleged image of the new smartphone by Google, known as Nexus 6 or Motorola Shamu. It is expected that this year it will have the honor of Motorola to release a phone for the search giant. 
Nexus 6 замечен на фото рядом с LG G3

According to numerous rumors, Nexus 6 is developed based on the recently introduced Motorola Moto X (2014) and will receive a 5.92-inch display. Today we have the first photo of this smartphone, on which he was lying next to the LG G3. Photo shows that the device has a much larger size than the flagship from LG.
Nexus 6 замечен на фото рядом с LG G3
May seem suspicious of the fact that the main body of alleged Nexus 6 is not visible brand label "Nexus", which is present on all the latest smartphones and tablets in this range. It is possible that Motorola Shamu has no relation to the Nexus 6 and is completely self contained device, so we recommend you to be skeptical of unofficial data.