Monday, September 29, 2014

Bug in iOS 8 bypasses password on the lock screen using Siri [video]

In the new operating system iOS 8 found dangerous vulnerability. "Hole" security allows anyone to bypass the screen for entering the PIN-code and gain access to personal data of the owner of iOS-devices.

The vulnerability allows an unauthorized iPhone users to access any applications on the devices. Fortunately, to eliminate this bug is enough to disable the Allow «Hey Siri», allows callers voice assistant Apple without pressing the "Home".
Loophole through which you can bypass the password protection for iPhone, discovered blogger EverythingApplePro. Following a few simple steps, attackers can get to the desktop of your smartphone. Sequence of actions include the activation of a personal assistant uttering the phrase «Hey Siri», when the gadget is connected to the mains. The main condition - active function Allow «Hey Siri» in operating system settings.
How to bypass password on iPhone with iOS 8 Siri, demonstrated in the video below: